"sing for no one - sing for everyone."




PHOTO © Clare Moody  

LISTEN to Kavisha sing HEAR here 

"Like all great artists, you bring so much joy into peoples' lives and make it possible for them to get out of their noise ... and ... rest with their feelings ... that's a teacherless teaching. "Robert

"What an absolutely fabulous performance you spoilt us with!! Thank you.  Margot Leake Albany Entertainment Centre 


"Just wanted to say a heart felt thank you for the wonderful workshop and concert at Woy Woy last week. It was such fun - the Seven Hundred Rolls song is truly fabulous. You not only sing like an angel, you know how to get other people to sing. What a gift. " Grac


 "I have seen Kavisha concerts for years and have her Dvd's  so when I heard she had a choir it seemed the one to try. It has met my expectations being an informal fun class but we do learn. My son in law mentioned my singing round the house has improved ! You can change anyrhing you want!!!!" Ange


"Your beautiful warm heart, music and songs were the perfect antidote for us here in Melbourne at present when we are in the midst of so much doom and gloom.The feedback from all the singers has been overwhelmingly positive and grateful for your sessions - and we cant thank you enough!" Jonathon Welch AM  ( Choir Of Hard Knocks Founder) 


"Mazzella’s voice has an edge of drama even at its softest, and when she really sings out it can be storming or exultant"

REVIEW of The Fearless Note 

John Shand , Sydney Morning Herald 


 Kavisha and Khin Myint at NANGA festival 2021 KAv_and_Khin_Myint_2021_Nanga.jpg

                             KAVISHA  GIG  GUIDE  2022


JOIN the HEARTPLACE CHOIR  Feb 16th - APRIL 20th 2022

Singing with Joy  10 week course $250 / $200


We meet at 10.30 am  upstaiirs in Heartplace Yoga Room

at Fibonacci Centre , 19 Blinco St Fremantle 

This is a  choir that explores the art of singing from within ! 



In Person and when needed online with ZOOM 


New term starts Feb 16th -  April 20th - 10.30 1am -12 midday

FEE for Term  is 10 weeks =  $250.00  / $200.00

Requirements  -  Bring a folder to hold your music , Willingness to jump in and listen and have fun with others !


During the  current Covid Pandemic to assure protection

of health of yourself and fellow singers,

you must ont attend if you are feeling unwell

You must be able to show proof of vaccination please .

Thankyou. Please Bring a mask when it is necessary.


Explore your energy  your voice, learn to listen, have fun, learn uplifting songs, mantras and chants.

Sing without Fear.

please phone Kavisha 0412893355




ITALY  2022 

MAY 23rd - June 4th TUSCANY  ITALY - CANTIAMO in Tuscany- A  12 day Choir Tour 

Become a choir in 12 days and do pop up choir sessions in beautiful Tuscan countryside locations! 




Palazzo Tucci Nicolino and Kavisha 2017


Cantiamo in Tuscany May 23rd - June 4th 2022

12 people only - $5,600 twinshare per person twin share


CURRENTLY place left  for  a singel female and single male 


Lead by foodie extraordinaire Valdo Michelangeli

with the troubadour and choral leader

 Kavisha leading the singing sessions every day,

CONTACT ; Kavisha Mazzella  0412893355  and  Valdo Michelangeli 0419100678




 Listen here to  Empty Sky Sacred Songs and Chants  

 Dear friends , I am so pleased to be releasing my new and 8th album .Empty Sky Sacred Songs and Chants is an album of 11 songs made up of traditional and original chants I have composed .I was lucky to  collaborate with respected veteran world musician Nicolas Lyon in his wooden cottage studio in Malmesbury Central Victoria. Together we  create this soulful ,acoustic album that's sure to become a good companion for yoga, meditation practice or simply chilling out. It features my voice, nylon string guitar, tibetan bells ,drum and recorder. I am also accompanied by the amazing Nicolas Lyon on bowed double bass, harp and glockenspiel.

 Listen   to Empty Sky Sacred Songs and Chants 


My dear chant mentor Jarek Czechowicz and me 


The songs include  a soulful version of Jarek Czechowicz's "Love, I call Your Name ", a reworking of the popular "Magnificence"  by Peter Makena, my original melodies to traditional wisdom texts the  Gayatri Mantra, Heart Sutra, Om Mani Padmi Hum, and the words of the mystic poets such as Kabir and Saint Francis. Finally ending with a rallying call for Mother Earth responding to a talk by  Eco-Theologian Matthew Fox who I met at the Common Dreams Conference in Sydney in 2019.

They are holy songs for crazy times! I hope you enjoy them ! love Kavisha. December 2020 




LISTEN HERE TO Jarek Czechowicz's wonderful song LOVE I CALL YOUR NAME  and see here sung at WOODFORD  FESTIVAL 

EMPTY SKY Reviews 2020 

"What a beautiful CD it is! Especially in these distressing times, it has provided a calming and uplifting mood when it was most needed. THANK YOU." Jeannie Marsh- Melbourne singer and choir leader 

 "What it is ..is it calms me and makes me feel grounded and secure and it talks to a part of me which is beyond words .There's something about being from different traditions on one album that makes it absorbing. It touches different emotions from lament to uplift " Padma Locana ,Yoga  teacher Melbourne  March 2020

FACEBOOK LIVE tune in here to experience EMPTY SKY  during the lockdown Aug 2020 


"Empty Sky is a departure from Kavisha’s usual storytelling style of songwriting. In this her latest album she is a spiritual wayfarer, a seeker after mystical truth as expressed in both Eastern and European religions. Empty Sky is a pilgrimage to places in the world and in the mind where the sacred is still honoured.

Through a selection of prayers, kirtans, chants, devotional poetry and songs of praise, Kavisha weaves a spell of beauty and tranquility. Flowing along like a gentle river, hypnotic, repetitive, timeless, it’s no surprise that that the album is intended as an aid to meditation and relaxation. But it is Kavisha’s unique vocal qualities that are front and centre of this musical journey. From the first note, her voice grabs you and holds you captive right through to the end.

There is a naturalness and intimacy about the delivery that highlights the essential warmth and richness of her voice. In a suitably understated way, the string-based instrumental accompaniment provided by Kavisha and Nicholas Lyon does everything to support and highlight the fine vocals.With Empty Sky Kavisha has offered us the gift of love and peace in troubled times. "

Robbie Greig  Melbourne Singer Songwriter ,mentor and music teacher. March 2020


To order your digital version of EMPTY SKY click  here Bandcamp 

You can order your physical CD via Paypal by clicking the button below

Thankyou ! 

 Kavisha's Albums available here

ORDER your CDS below Folks


Please let me know which CD you want 

Kavisha with long time collaborator Johnny Reed at Kidogo


Photos  ©Claire Moody 2020

 Kavisha Mazzella AM Biography       

Aria award winner, songbird and folkloric explorer Kavisha's original song's lyrical ingredients include humour, poetry, social justice and the spiritual. Combine this prowess with the voice of an angel and you have the experience of a Kavisha concert. Singing in English, Italian and other languages, she will take you on an uplifting boundary riding journey of well-crafted  stories and songs ringing with echoes of Celtic, Fado and Gypsy influences that will strike a resounding chord within. In 2011 she was awarded an Australia Day Honour for services to music and community.

To keep in touch please  join my FACE BOOK GROUP .

Yours In solidarity,Thankyou for your kind support. LOVE Kavisha

 Kavisha's  Youtube Channel

NEW !  PHILOSOPHY MAN  live performance at Kidogo Arthouse Fremantle  NOV 2021

 and LOVESWING ( Kabir )  NOV 2021



                   Kavisha in an  INTERVIEW with Patricia Hamilton of Concious Living TV  NOV 2021 

                   Kavisha with Suvas Agam from his Youtube Show SECRETS OF LIFE NEPAL NOV 2020

                   Kavisha and Franco Di Chiera in  italian TV DownUnder  INTERVIEW about the film The Joys Of The Women  2012

                   Kavisha wins ARIA AWARD for best World Music Album 1998