"The Mermaid's in the well

and the Devil's on my shoulder! "

Stories and Songs (1 hour 10 minutes)

A surreal little show of stories and songs, comic and tragic from 2 Australian artists.One is writer Andrew Lindsay (Breadmakers Carnival, Slapping Man) and  the other singer songwriter Kavisha Mazzella.Together they create stories from real life to make your toes curl, shoulders shake and heart dance...a humble mongrel show part cabaret.. part circus .. part funeral Celebrating love,sex and romance Italian/Australian style and above all life!

A show where fantasy and reality clash in the tango of life!!

Suitable only for Adult audiences. Bookings  phone  0412893355


ANYTIME THE WIND CAN CHANGE Stories and Songs (1 hour)

Kavisha Mazzella and author and storyteller Arnold Zable present"Anytime The Wind Can Change"Storytelling and Music. Themes of social justice, humour and healing.Moving and comic Refugee Stories from the Middle East and migrant Australia.Celebrating our real history! Suitable for Adult and High School audiences. Enquiries  Kavisha 0412 89 33 55 /Arnold (03) 94817841 .



"Mavis Goes to Timor " Perth International Arts Festival/Deckchair Theatre February 2002

In 2002 Kavisha was invited to write "MAVIS GOES TO TIMOR" with Angela Chaplin and Kath Thompson.In September 2001 they went to Timor to research the play. This story was based on the inspirational true story of Mavis Taylor of Yarrawonga Victoria, an 86 year old habadashiere who despite her never having travelled overseas,decides to travel to East Timor with her Daughter Elwyn to help the people to reconsruct thier lives by setting up sewing co-operatives.

To date there are 20 or so co-operatives that are still up and running.Their work continues today.Until recently Mavis was still running Sunday Markets raising money for Timor.Recently she passed away at the grand age of 92 years.God Bless and Rest in Peace Mavis!

ABOUT THE SHOW;Starring Annie Phelan (Something In The Air, Marshall Law), Cidalia Pires and Kerri-Ella McCauley, it had it's world premier @ PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL 2002. Kavisha wrote original music and lyrics for the show ,as well as including some traditional Tetum songs and an original song by Anito Matos singer/poet of East Timor. The music was performed live with musician Marco Quiroz and the "Mavis "choir that was especially created for the show.
" MAvis Goes To Timor" Toured successfully in Tasmania,Victoria, West Australia and Northern Territory in 2003 .

"Mavis" was nominated for the 2002 HELPMANN AWARDS for BEST NEW AUSTRALIA WORK & SHORT LISTED FOR THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN PREMIER'S AWARD LITERARY PRIZE in 2002 .IN 2003 Katherine Thompson,Angela Chaplin and Kavisha won the Australian Writer's Guild Award for Best New Australian Script!


In 1990 Angela Chaplin invited Kavisha to work with Deckchair theatre company's "Emma Celebrazione" by Graham Pitts. In 1996 Kavisha won the Green Room Award for her role as musical director of the play" Emma Celebrazione! " for the Playbox Season.

In 1997 they worked together again on "WATERFRONT WOMEN "which was written by Angela Chaplin and Marcus Hughs with music and songs by Kavisha. a show based on the true stories of the Fremantle Waterfront & it's colourful history of the waterside workers through the eyes of the women.In early 2001,the two were re-united & collaborated on "LUNA" for the Deckchair Theatre for the Perth International Arts Festival . Due to popular demand , a limited edition E.P. / C.D. of some songs from the the show have been released .

( SEE ALBUMS) For this show, she wrote the music, performing it with the wonderful musicians Chilean / Australian multi-instrumentalist Marco Quiroz and Australian Cellist Peter Grayling.
In 2001 Kavisha won a PUC AWARD in the Best Individual Artist category for her work in LUNA.

"The choice of Mazzella to breathe the music into Allende's prose is inspired." VICTORIA LAURIE, THE AUSTRALIAN

"The haunting songs of Kavisha Mazzella cast thier own magical quality."

Some other Theatre Projects

2002 KAN YAMA KAN was created with refugee actors telling their stories together with professional actors Alice Garner, Majid Shokor and Dursan Acar. Directed by Robyn Laurie designed by Trina Parker.written by Carmel Davis , Arnold Zable , Jo McIntrye, Ramez Tabit. Kavisha wrote music and conducted the Boat People Choir, which was especially formed for the show (it was made up of Thursday's Children and La Voce Della Luna) Trades HAll And The Famous Spiegal Tent at the Melbourne Festival 2002

1999-2002 KAVISHA worked with Carmel Davies and team to create a show about RECONCILIATION and DISPOSSESSION in AUSTRALIA "I Came Without My Mother's Hand...for the FiTZROY LEARNING NETWORK

1996-2000 Kavisha was musical director for Woodford Fire Event with Neil Cameron,Faridah White and their creative team.


1995-1998 Musical Direction for BRUNSWICK WOMEN'S THEATRE