Dall' Italia All' Australia Silent Film

"Dall' Italia All' Australia" made in 1924
by Angelo Drovetti  is presented by
Tony De Bolfo historian/journalist
with old world music for an old world silent film
by "I Viaggiatori" (the Voyagers) italian folk band.

The film comes to Q'land next APRIL 2011

In 1924, the Italian film director Angelo Drovetti embarked on an epic 8,000-nautical-mile voyage with his movie camera. The result, Dall'Italia All'Australia (From Italy to Australia), is regarded by many as the most comprehensive film ever  made of a migrant voyage. ‘Dall’Italia All’Australia’ chronicles the voyage of the Regina d’Italia (Queen of Italy) - one of three passenger ships first built for the Lloyd Sabaudo Line at the turn of last century. The film showcases the panoramic views witnessed by Italian, Yugoslav, Greek, Arabic and Jewish migrants as they stood atop the deck of the old steamer during their seven-week world odyssey from Genoa to Australia, by way of Egypt & Sri Lanka, arriving in September 1924.!30 of the Passengers were from Kythera, Kastellorizo and Cyprus.

Author and historian  Anthony De Bolfo, who discovered the film, introduces and commentates on the film, with Italian folk music by ARIA AWARD winning musicians Kavisha Mazzella (singer, guitar, accordion) and Irini Vela (bouzouki, guitar) and the Viaggiatori - David De Santi (accordion) and Mark Holder-Keeping (saxophone, clarinet).
The Band have now recordede the music they play in the film. This new album is called " Suitcase Serenata" and will be launched  in March Port Fairy Folk Festival,Brunswick Music Festival and the National Folk Festival at  Easter 2010.