The voice of an angel

Independant musician and ARIA award winner Kavisha  Mazzella was born in London,U K and migrated to Perth,Western Australia in the 1960's,setting the scene for her intuitive journey into the world of music and art .A major source of her inspiration comes from her unique multicultural heritage through her Anglo-Burmese mother and her Italian father.

Since her landmark cd in 1993 " The Joys Of The Women" which was a bestselling ABC soundtrack of the documentary film " The Joys Of The Women" by Franco Di Chiera , Kavisha has carved a strong reputation as a songmaker, composer and theatre worker. Playing guitar,mandolin and piano accordion, it is her hauntingly beautiful voice,capable of power and nuance,humour and spontaneity that makes her a shining beacon in the Australian Music scene.
People listen to Kavisha 's music when they're  going through personal changes .Whether they're getting married, having babies, or while they're dying,  the songs resonate deeply within.
Her solo albums are Mermaids in the Well (1995) produced by Lee Buddle and John Reed.Her second album Fisherman's Daughter (1998) produced by Mick Thomas won best world music ARIA award.Silver Hook Tango (2003) produced by  Irish guitar master Gerry O' Bierne was nominated for an ARIA award.  " Love and Sorrow "(2011), was produced by talented Chilean artist Nano Stern, won the National Folk Festival's "Film and Sound Archive Award " for best folk release of 2011.her
In the Australia Day honours list of 2011, Kavisha was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to singing and songwriting and reflecting the experiences of women,refugee,multicultural and indigenous communities in performance.Based in Melbourne, Kavisha plays national and international music festivals as well as working as a community musician.
 Her latest album is called Riturnella which was released in March 2014 .Here Kavisha returns to her italian folk roots and pays tribute to the richness and beauty of traditional italian folk music
 "Inspiring" Steve Tallis... Paris, France Melbourne,Australia
"Kavisha is one of our country's best songwriters" Julian Burnside QC Mebourne Australia
Diving  deeply and joyously into the music of her heritage ,Kavisha founded the " Joys Of The Women Italian Womens choir in Fremantle in 1989 and founded the  " La Voce Della Luna " italian women's choir in Melbourne in 1996. In 2000 Kavisha was awarded Italia Nel Mondo Award for promoting italian culture in Australia through her work initiating Italian Women's Choirs in Australia and keeping folk music alive through singing it.Kavisha has been studying italian folk song since the eighties and has been part of several groups that explore the rich italian folk tradition including I Papaveri,The Black Nonnas comedy trio, I Viaggiatori. who have recently released the DVD  of the 1924 silent film " Dall Italia All Australia" to the soundtrack of their  ABC Limelight  Magazine award nominated album "Suitcase Serenata"  Order here.
Recently  she has collaborated with  Melbourne jazz musicians Gianni Marinucci and Ronny Ferella to create  italian jazz folk ensemble Tregua (Ceasefire)
"Kavisha Mazzella ha una voce come..... WOW!" (Kavisha has a voice like WOW!)  Fabio Picchi celebratory chef of Teatro Del Sale Florence, Tuscany ITALY

"Thank you very much for the wonderful performance yesterday at the Multicultural Memory Lane Café.
You got everyone involved and brought enjoyment to those with memory loss/dementia and their loved ones.
I heard comments such as, “I haven’t seen my father this happy for a while”, and “Singing those songs made me relive my youth”.." Dr  Walter Petralia  of Melbourne working with elderly italian community in Melbourne.
Beside performing her own songs, Kavisha has led choirs at many festivals such as Gorgeous Voices Bendigo (of which she is also a matron),Tasmanian Festival Of Voice and Woodford Festival . In 2004 Kavisha was commissioned to write" Tunc Justus" ( "Thus Justice" based on a poem by Raffaelo Carbone ) a choral piece for the LVDL Italian Womens Choir to sing  for the 150 th Anniversary celebrations of The Eureka Stockade Rebellion . In 2006 she composed music for and directed the 600 voice  Sing For Water choir  for for the Commonwealth Games Arts Festival in Melbourne which raised funds for Clean Water in East Timor .In 2008 Kavisha was commissioned to write The Women's  Anthem " Love and Justice " by The Victorian Women's Trust to celebrate 100 years of  Women's Suffrage In Victoria and conducted the 460 strong choir of women to perform it. Kavisha has also lead cultural recovery choirs for  italian folk song  La Voce Della Luna Italian Womens Choir (1996-2013) Coro Del Oro Italian Choir  in Ballarat 2015-18, Volare italian choir (Castlemaine) 2015-2019, The WELLWAYS Moons a Balloon community Mental Health Choir Melbourne 2011-2019.  
2021 -Currently Kavisha conducts the HEARTPLACE  community choir regularly In Fremantle 
on Wednesday Mornings at 11 am at Heartplace Yoga Room at Fibonacci  Centre on 19 Blinco St 
"I felt healed to hear your beautiful voice" Laura M of Montefiascone ,Italy
" I love coming along to sing every week,it really lifts me up and I love sharing the food afterwards"
 The Moons a Balloon Participant
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EMPTY SKY Meditation and Chanting
   Inspired by Osho, Tibetan Buddhist Masters  and Vipassana Meditation and the Bhakti kirtan tradition Kavisha is interested in the healing power of music and its relationship with silence.Empty Sky brings the Eastern and Western mystical traditions together in song,dance ,poetry ,chant and silent meditation.Poets Rumi, Kabir and Basho meet with Contemporary chants composed by Kavisha  and contemporary chant master Jarek Czechowicz who has been a mentor to Kavisha .

 What is Empty Sky? Empty Sky  is a singing and silent meditation practice that goes for an hour and abit depending on mood.. We sing a chant  and as the last note falls away we let the silence be and become one with that .Sitting together in silent meditation for afew minutes ,we then start another song and so on . We explore the relationship between music and silence .We go higher and higher with the music and deeper and deeper with the silence within.
 The music opens our hearts then guides us to that inner space then we sit in silence together.Flying high in the sky with song and diving deep into our meditative roots in the silence refreshes one's soul. And its FUN!
Lead by expererienced meditator and musicians Kavisha Mazzella  .
All welcome.
 SM SM Woodfordchoir22
WORKSHOPS  in Choral vocal folk traditions and song writing.
Kavisha has been leading choirs and workshops in tradional folksong and songwriting at festivals nationally and around the world.Festivals include Port Fairy Folk Festival Victoria,Woodford Festival, Queensland,Ethno HIsteria Slovenia,Festival of Voices ,Tasmania and Gorgeous Voices, Bendigo, and Singabout in Italy.  Kavisha is passionate about making singing and experiencing song in music a fun, joyous and liberating experience.
"Everyone seems to enjoy this aspect of the learning process.
Learning short simple songs,improvising and creating exciting performances
of the material demonstrated how easy it is to learn these songs"
Voices of the Hawkesbury Workshop participant 
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