Kavisha leaves La Voce Della Luna after 18 years

 After 18 years as musical director of Melbourne's vivacious La Voce Della Luna, Kavisha Mazzella has taken a bow.

In  October 1995 Kavisha met with members of the Italian community to form a choir for a wonderful play Emma Celebrazione. An add had been placed in Il Globo searching for singers who could make a choir and sing the traditional folk songs for the show.21 singers were required  and the room was filled with 50 eager singers.Italian women of all shapes,sizes and ages had come to audition and they were nervous..Kavisha couldn't bear to say no to them as they looked so fantastic  and were all so keen ,so she abandoned the idea of auditioning them and said they could all be in the choir!

Originally the choir was originally to be an 8 week  theatre project to sing for Malthouse theatre's 1996 production of Emma Celebrazione by Graeme Pitts .It was originally commissioned for Fremantle's Deckchair Theatre by director Angela Chaplin. Everywhere it went ,the play was huge success and the rest they say is history.


In these 18 years the choir have really gone through all sorts of experiences...like a big family.Births Deaths, weddings, divorces,splitups and rebirths!We are living the experiences that their songs speak

There were tears and laughter as the choir reminisced and celebrated for one last time together with a simple "last supper in Northcote Uniting Church. Kavisha reminded everyone that although this chapter is over , a new one is beginning with the incoming choir director( the wonderful Elvira Andreoli) and never to forget that we still have our beautiful friendships that will last forever!