Silver Hook Tango 2003



To complement the rich vocals of Kavisha , you can also hear the beautiful playing of irish guitar master Gerry O'Bierne , double bass of Rosie Westbrook , fretless bass of Jean Cabon, percussion of Alex Pertout and harmonic offering of of Harry Williamson's "angel guitar". Soaring harmonies are by Kavisha's daughter Kiki Wilmot who makes her recording debut while Shane Howard and his son Jack also make a cameo performance in "Eagle flying".Silver Hook Tango is produced by Gerry O'Beirne  &  recorded, mixed and mastered  and co-produced by Harry Williamson of Spring studio , Melbourne.

READINGS BOOKS & MUSIC REVIEW: " Kavisha Mazzella, one of the brightest stars on the Australian folk scene, has produced a beauty with her fourth and latest enstallment Silver Hook Tango. Taking the masterstroke perfect musical settings to accompany her dreamy poetic word pictures. Mazzella's beautiful singing works so well with  Gerry O'Bierne 's ravishing impressionistic array of guitar sounds (6 &12 string,nylon and slide and ukelele). Kavisha's passionate musings on love, loss,travel, refugees and spirituality have never sounded this good and some of the more freeform tracks like "Rose in the Bones" and "Eagle Flying "show her heading in an exciting new direction...." Paul Barr Readings and Books magazine


Silver Hook Tango


  1. Storm of Love
  2. Silver Hook Tango
  3. All God's Beggars
  4. Fool that i am
  5. Venezuela
  6. Meet me tonight
  7. Ave Maria
  8. Rose in the bones
  9. Eagle flying
  10. "Mountain crowned with stars "

All songs © Kavisha Mazzella

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