Fisherman's Daughter

Fisherman's Daughter -1998

This is a highly satisfying follow-up to Kavisha Mazzella's acclaimed first solo album, 'Mermaids in the Well'. In between the two albums Mazzella has continued to be one of Australia's most diverse performers ­ working on theatrical productions, directing the Italian women's choir, La Voce Della Luna, and teaming up with Judy Small and Bronwyn Calcutt as The 3 Sheilas trio.

'Fisherman's Daughter', produced by Mazzella and Michael Thomas, is an energetic and rhythmic folk-rock album. Supporting musicians include Alex Pertout, Archie Roach and a number of current or former members of Redgum (Hugh McDonald ), the Bushwackers (Louis McManus), Weddings Parties Anything (Michael Thomas, Mark Wallace & Dave Steel) and Goanna (Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave).

Kavisha's best songs tend to provide moving personal insights and insights into other people, and she uses her expressive voice to striking effect in emphasising the passion and raw emotion of her music.

Particularly impressive tracks include 'Big Blue Above', 'The Fisherman's Daughter', 'All I Want is You', 'Swan River' (a lullaby written in memory of a suicide victim whose body was found floating in the Swan River by Mazzella's family when they were on their way to scatter the ashes of Mazzella's grandmother - a song that she was only able to write and perform 8 years later), 'Viv's Song' (a remarkable tribute to TS Eliot's first wife) and 'Wolf' (an earlier version of which appeared on the 'Girl Zone - One' compilation album.

Kavisha Mazzella is a captivating performer and her new album, 'Fisherman's Daughter', is delightful.Sue Barrett Rhythms June '98