Mermaids in the Well

" There is a seductive charm about this record.It is a charm which is in part a result of Kavisha Mazzella's strikingly beautiful and clear vocals,partly a product of her ability to craft songs which mix odd cultural elements and come up with something fresh and new and partly a result of the diversity and excellence of the Perth musicians she has used,who play everything from cellos to oboes and illean pipes. Mazzella's talents lies in the material she has written and chosen.Across 12 tracks,she ranges from a suitably nautical musical arrangement of John Maisefields' Sea Fever" through a hauntingly beautiful version of the old Irish ballad" She Moves Through The Fair"to the genre defying"Madonna del Mare"

That a singer/songwriter of this calibre needed funding assistance from the WA Department of Arts is yet another indictment of the cloth eared multinationals who dominate the local music industry



'The voice ,crystal clear and distinctive brings a comfort to the ears-a sensation similar to sinking down on plump pillows. Kavisha's voice,similar in range to a Judy Collins or a Nana Mouskouri is enhanced with folksy instruments,giving it an irish feel.This however is not a lightweight offering. Kavisha has alot to say. The outstanding" Winds Of Heaven" is her response to the Tienaman Squre massacre in a very strong and individualistic debut album.***Glen Williams TV WEEK 14/10/95